Changing the way word processing works

Winchelsea Systems Ltd. is designing and building ChapterLab, an innovative new writing and project management tool for book authors, academics, and technical writers.

Creating great user experiences

Winchelsea Systems Ltd. is also a consultancy specializing in product management and User Experience (UX) design for business software applications and websites.

Together, we can design and build apps and experiences that your users and customers will love!


11 February 2017 Updates to the About page. A refreshed site design will be coming soon!

10 July 2015 Updates to the About page.

25 September 2013 Kevin Matz's book Designing Usable Apps: An agile approach to User Experience design has been published! It is now available in print and Kindle formats from

22 April 2012 The design portfolio section is now live.

04 April 2012 The Early Adopter Beta version of the ChapterLab word processing app is now available for download for Mac and Windows! Check it out at

28 April 2011 is now live!

9 March 2011 Winchelsea Systems Ltd. has been founded. Work on the book Designing Usable Apps is already underway.

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